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Welcome to the new blog at Luna Eclypse! I've been learning about witchcraft and the occult for close to 20 years now. I've studied under some very knowledgeable people, people who have written books, people who are encouraging me to write some books, I've been attending a highly regarded Wiccan Seminary for a degree program for 3 years now, and I've run my own classes and workshops on a variety of subjects. I consider myself well read and quite knowledgeable, however I believe I'm far from finished with my learning path, and I feel I've only just scratched the surface of my future teaching path. Most witches and occultists would agree, if you are truly on the path, you never stop learning, which means you never stop growing. You are forever the seeker...

Eventually roles will intersect. Eventually you graduate from seeker to facilitator. From facilitator to healer. From healer to priestess/priest. From priestess/priest to teacher. And then back again to seeker. Life for the seeker is always cyclical, however even in all these aspects of the wheel of change, the facilitator, the healer, the priestess, the teacher, they are all still the seeker. We never stop seeking, the journey is never ending. We often believe we can teach when we are simply seeking, it's not until we step into a higher level that we realize all that we don't know. Its important not to lose sight of all the valuable knowledge, wisdom, and experience we DO have to help teach those who are seeking also. This is something I'm stepping deeper into. I've never had a running written discussion on witchy topics before, however I have gone on for hours either in person or through text about a subject a seeker came to me for. I have given classes and workshops and lectures on certain subject I consider myself extra well versed in. It's time now for me to branch out and deepen my teaching through written word as that will simultaneously deepen my seeking and allow me to better serve those seekers around me. Thus I felt it auspicious to begin the first blog post on this site addressing the needs of my community.

What do you, my community of seekers, wish to know? What topics, especially occult or metaphysical, would you like to get greater clarity, depth and understanding on? As a priestess of the craft, what can I help you understand about the craft, about your path, about the great mysteries of life, about religion or spirituality, about methods of witchery, anything goes! Send me a message, let me hear your questions and hopefully I can address them sometime in the near future on this blog!

Blessed be and blessings to all!

<3 Luna

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