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Luna is always interested in building and supporting the community. I believe hardships in life can be minimized through community support. I've seen lives turn around through connection in community, people blossom spiritually through connection to local groups which then allows their whole lives to align, and people with addictions or mental health issues to feel stable, supported and grounded to release the hold these issues have in their lives and the stigma surrounding that. Support and connection are so needed! This is why I have designed a forum on this website surrounding the concept of secret rooms of knowledge. Exploring new things in life is supposed to be fun, exciting, exhilarating, and I hope we can help unlock secret doors of inspiration and wisdom for you in this community!

In these rooms of secrets, we also have a special door just for events and groups that share the same mission as myself- to educate and support the local community. If you lead a group or have an event in the real world, feel free to post it here! These groups and events are worldwide, so even a traveler can find the community they crave as they connect with others on their journey.

Keep in mind, we do ask that those connecting to community through the forum please sign in- this ensures a commitment to the community to be kind to one another (see Forum Agreement), and to see one another as actual human beings on this physical plane yearning for connection, and not just a bot in the ether of the net. This also ensures that you will be informed of anyone who responds to your post or comment, so you can continue the discussion. We encourage you to ask questions, make posts on subjects you know about, share with the community, and help us build a strong, supported and connected network of like minded seekers. Add to the tomes of knowledge and build a huge, sharable book of shadows. The more we put into it all, the more we get out of it.

Peace and blessings to you seekers!


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