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Luna Eclypse, Empathic Guidance, Spiritual Life Coaching

Luna is an in-demand tarot reader from the greater Seattle Tacoma area, and was the founder of the Seattle Metaphysical Market. Luna has been a reader at several prestigious metaphysical shops and locations in the local Seattle area for years, has organized many local pagan events and festivals helping to build strong local community, and is currently expanding her business to serve online clientele.

Luna also has served the Dayton Ohio area, organizing events and classes with local Pagan organizations and serving on the board of Dayton Pagan Coalition and as Presenter Coordinator for Dayton Pagan Pride day.

*Luna has recently moved to Munich Germany to follow a several year dream of moving abroad. Luna is currently conducting readings and healings online as well as in person, while writing online courses for those interested in learning the craft. 

As a professional spiritual counselor and life coach, integrity, honesty, compassion and empathy are of the upmost importance to my readings. My clients matter to me and empowering my clients is very important to me. I will always be honest with my clients and true to the message of the cards, and I always strive to leave my clients feeling empowered about their lives.

The cards are like a road map and can answer any question you may have. The tarot can give a broader perspective and open solutions to some of life's hardest problems. All questions welcome, become empowered through a reading!

About Me

Luna is a self described spiritual bohemian helpIng others on their individual paths and spiritual journeys via Tarot intuitive readings to inspire and guide. Specializing in Tarot and Pendulum workings, Runes and Astrology, she works with her Spiritual Guides to affirm and empower clients to gain insight, clarity, and direction in their lives. Luna aspires wholeheartedly to tailor what she does custom to individual belief systems and values as well as individual preferences or specific queries. She firmly believes that we create our own realities with our personal choices and thoughts, and as such, empowers clients to make positive and helpful choices, acting as a beacon to open up new paths of discovery and personal growth.

How My Readings Work

As an eclectic bohemian, she has a diverse background in philosophy, psychology, religion, cultural studies, as well as art, music, metaphysical studies and grief work (such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD) and she draws on these and many other aspects for her readings. Her mantra is "Know Thyself", and her readings always focus on personal choice and consciousness as well as connection to Personal Guides and The Divine to empower individuals to fearlessly continue on their true soul's path. Luna is a firm believer in free will.

My Background

Luna moved to Seattle from the East Coast in 2007 and has been reading Tarot since around 2004 for friends and acquaintances at their homes, coffee shops, and bistros, psychic fairs, healing events, galleries, private and corporate parties, shows and conventions, and has been intuitively connected since around the age of 12. She currently uses her favorite Tarot, the Shadowscapes deck, as well as oracle or empowerment decks or several other Tarots from time to time, along with gemstones and essences. Her readings focus on general trends, influences on situations, accessing other perspectives, and gaining guidance and information as well as specific tools to make more informed and empowered choices in life. Luna firmly believes that modern psychology and metaphysics can easily partner to offer a more wholistic approach to psychic and psychological healing, and her ultimate goal is to offer better understanding and connection to the True Divine Self and it's connection to all.

My Brand of Spirituality

Personally, Luna practices tenants of Buddhist thought, Wicca, Ceremonial Magick and Kabbalah, Gnosticism, metaphysical energy healing, as well as a lesser array of many different belief systems in her daily practice, however she always strives to learn more and incorporate more into her understanding of source energy and the Divine, and to show others how interconnected we all are, even in belief structures that seem so personal or issues that feel so charged. Divinity is within and without, it is us and it is everywhere. In everything there is truth and beauty and love, if only we would choose to see.

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