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Services With Luna Eclypse

Luna is a classically trained tarot reader, spiritual advisor, life coach, and empath with experience and training in Jungian Psychology, divinatory arts of all kinds (cartomancy, scrying, casting), energy systems and healing (Chakra systems, Kundalini, Reiki), grief work, manifestation, and psychic abilities (clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudiance, clairvoyance- in that order). She strives to provide her clients the clarity and guidance they need to navigate the difficult or trying passages of their lives with fearless and conscious choice through empowerment.

During a reading, Luna will often provide clients book recommendations, systems, or techniques that help clients get back on the path to success in their life goals. Read on for FAQ's about Luna's readings!


In a Reading, Luna will provide you with divine messages from your guides and answers to your questions to assist you on your path.

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During a healing session, Luna may use any combination of gentle hands on therapies, gemstones, essential oils, sound techniques, mantras, meditations, or color therapy.

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Take Your Pick!


Take Your Pick!


Gain insight and clarity to situations in your life and feel empowered to forge the right path in your life!

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Align your chakras, soothe your emotional body, release anxiety and tension through a session!

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Make your small get together even more wonderful with readings or healing sessions!

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Make your community or corporate event special with fun and light readings!

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What Can I Expect?

Luna feels strongly about helping her clients live from their best selves and lead their best lives. With every service she performs, Luna follows the pace of her client, setting the reading or healing at a level that feels comfortable to the client, yet optimal for experiencing healing or positive transformation in their lives. This ensures both the novice and the studied practicioner receives the level of healing or guidance needed. Luna's services come from a place of kindness and compassion, facilitating healing or awareness, and empowering her clients as they move forward. Many clients do receive exercises, techniques or practices to follow after a reading or healing to facilitate positive change and growth in their lives.

Spirit Guides
Tarot Reading

During a reading or a healing, clients can expect messages to come through about wellbeing and energy in body, mantras often come up for reprogramming, spiritual guides usually come to the forefront to assist in healing and transitioning. The more open a client is to the energies and the process, the deeper the healing and reading can go. The more to the point a question, the more direct and clear the answer. The less guarded an energy field, the deeper and more effective the healing. Readings are usually channeled information directly from the cards, your spirit guides, and psychic information I am given during the reading. Often things that are said or happen during a reading or healing are forgotten on both sides due to the energies of invocation and evocation. Although its good to take notes during a reading or at the end of a healing session, going through the process itself is very healing and cathartic. Many energies and emotions will be released in a session even if it feels at the moment like nothing is happening. Often the energy will build, sometimes feeling irritating, and result in a big release or healing moment, usually the energies will follow you for days or weeks continuing to do their work. Trust your guides, trust yourself, and trust the process.

How Should I Prepare?

When preparing for a reading, be sure to suspend disbelief enough to be open to the messages you need to hear. As a people trained in the scientific method, its normal to have a healthy level of skepticism in the back of your mind, even readers do! What we do is pretty amazing! But be sure to put this skepticism aside during a reading so you don't close your energies to the messages and possibilities the reading offers, or close your energy entirely! The more open the energy, the deeper the reading can go in a shorter amount of time without the reader having to play energetic tug of war to open a client, and the more you get out of your reading. Be open, curious and inquisitive. If you have questions during a reading be sure to ask them! Its often best to write all major questions and sub questions down before a reading so you can be sure to get answers for everything you need. If you need clarification or to go deeper on an answer given during a reading, be sure to ask! Its important you leave a reading with all your questions answered. Be sure to take notes and write everything down. Given a few days, weeks, or months, you will forget important things said in the reading, answers given, or techniques that will assist you. Its important to come back to your notes.

Same goes for a healing. Before a healing its a good idea to limit consumption of toxins like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, processed foods, etc. During a healing, be relaxed, focus on deep and easy, even breathing. Release all thoughts and stories your mind wants to tell you and focus on your breath and body. Put yourself into a relaxed and deep meditative state, this is the best place for healing to come from! Succumb to the colors or images that pop into your awareness, they are there to show you things you need to know in your healing journey, or to assist you in releasing and healing your energy centers. Try to release everything you've been holding on to. A big part of a healing session is grounding and releasing or letting go of our baggage holding us down. When you inevitably feel yourself attempting to hold onto something that is trying to be released, notice it and let it go. If anything is uncomfortable for you or takes you out of the healing zone, please bring it up! Healing sessions are usually conducted without talking, but communication is still very important. At the end of the session, any psychic impressions gained from the session will be brought up to further healing. Messages, techniques, spirit guides, and anything you need to know will be brought to your attention at this time. This is a time for feedback from the healing and answering any questions you may have. Be sure to take notes for future reference!

What Should I Do After A Session?

After a session be gentle with yourself. There may have been difficult things come up during a divination or during a healing session, its important to process everything with an open attitude to embrace the truth of your situation, your path, your healing. Often journaling helps us move through this and helps us make important choices as opportunities for healing or manifestation open on our path. Sit with any emotions and allow them to move through you. Even a reading can sometimes have the same after effect as a healing session. After a healing session you may need more rest, more water, more electrolytes, more whole foods, less caffeine, less alcohol, less sugar or processed foods (less toxins). You may go through a detox or get headaches or achy places in the body- this is a clear sign of a detox, be sure to release these energies from the body through salt baths, drinking water, or grounding techniques! You may need time in a bath, or regular relaxation or quietude for meditation. Listen to your body and give it what it needs. Be sure to start any techniques or practices that were suggested in your session- only through daily practice can positive change occur!

Is Tarot Evil?

Tarot is a tool used by practitioners to peer into the deepest questions of life. It is not evil so long as the practitioner doesn't use it for evil or harm. Luna's readings work to give clients insight into potential choices or paths in their lives, providing clarity for her clients and empowering them to make the right choices in their lives. Situations in life can be very tough, its helpful to have tools that can make these crossroads more navigable. Luna uses any tools at her disposal to help her clients live more empowering lives.



Luna gives awesome and insightful readings! The predictions from her reading were spot on. Her services come highly recommended!


That healing session was exactly what I needed. My energy is flowing much better, my hangups and anxieties are flowing away, I feel I have control over my life again!


Thanks so much for the reading, I feel so much better about my new direction in life! You explained very clearly what my next steps are and my anxiety is gone!

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