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A Feminist Tale of Creation

January 24, 2019

Written by Luna Eclypse

All artwork is cited below, please visit the artist's page!


***This tale contains adult and dark themes, it is a tale of catharsis but it may induce triggers with suggestions of abuse and sexual assault***


This creation myth takes a lot of different ancient creation myths and retells them from a modern feminine perspective, giving feminine voice to the age old tales of creation, and allowing women equal access to the mythology of humanity. Rather than a lesser scapegoat, women become the examples of liberation and their sacred path the saving grace of humanity realizing its godhood. We already have tales of the grace of the sun, the masculine path to liberation, now it’s time for the feminine, the lunar path, to awakening...


This is a tale of slavery, a tale of bondage and subservience, a tale of suffering and of violence, of  power and freedom, of empowerment, wisdom and transcendence. Humankind was created in the image of the creator, in the image of all that was, empowered to be ruler and divine manifestor of all things. The first human was neither male nor female as dichotomy had yet to be created, humankind just was, simply existed in balance and in harmony with all of creation and therefore could easily call the sacred name of whatever it desired and there the creation would be. Just as the energy of all things breathed the breath of life into the being called human, so too did the being called human breathe the energy of the all into all the creations of the world. In this way human and divine were co-creators and in this way human knew itself to be the child of divinity, this same divinity it's birthright and a simple essence to tap into, the divine essence written into the very microcosmic framework of human.


Everything was peaceful, everything in harmony, human effortlessly flowed with all that was divine as they themselves were divine. From this peace there arose boredom and a chord of dissonance reverberated in the fabric of the all, chaos began to stir and awaken in the energy currents of all. This energy of chaos was not evil or bad, as flawed or biased human constructs had not been formed yet, the energy was the wasted potential of all possibilities and all the missed potential left over from the formulation of creation, and it began to form as dark matter, anchoring the newly created realities that had previously existed in a state of ether into a more physical and solid representation, thus outlining what was with what could be. Chaos was fun and exciting and invigorated creation into new possibilities and new realms from the potential of missed opportunities, and out of this new energy sprang the beginnings of philosophy, awareness, and critical thought. The concept of dichotomy was born with the stark differences between the realities of creation and the missed possibilities of lost ideas.


Human began to contemplate the dichotomy within creation, assigning opposite ends of a spectrum to what was already created, designing a kind of self fulfilling machine that would continue to create itself so human could focus on creating newer and more exciting ideas and constructs rather than just physical reality. Human saw how wonderful this new system was and how much time they now had for new endeavors, and began to contemplate their own inner dichotomy. How much better if they could duplicate themselves and replicate their efforts! How much better if they had a mirror, another part of themselves, for self reflection and growth, as a way to better see and understand themselves, their own divinity and source of all, and all of existence they created! Realizing the potential of this outcome, human excitedly split itself from the source of its own being into two distinct and opposite beings, relinquishing half of its birthright in order to better see and love itself and all things. These beings became man and woman, both still bearing the surname of human. Man received yang energy, energy of the sun and action, his body being larger, harder and muscular and his ego oftentimes matching this dynamic. Woman received yin energy, energy of the moon and receptivity, her body being soft curvy and smaller, her ego reflective in nature. Both man and woman were implanted with a small shard of the other. In this way they were like two matching pieces of a puzzle, extremes designed as magnets to attract and to reflect the glory of the other and therefore the self in each others eyes as mirrors. In this way, human was able to finally experience itself and it fell in love.


Man Woman Human


Its also important to note, that in it's excitement during its split, several pieces of human fell to the ground, pieces that could not bear subjecting itself to one extreme or another, and chaos seeing a prime opportunity for existence outside a clearly and neatly defined spectrum (which would ultimately stagnate all of creation), swiftly scooped up this human material on the wind, as it shaped itself into humans not neatly defined by a dichotomy. Chaos tucked these humans away for a while, disguising them in the world, until the time was right to reintroduce them fully to humanity, to remind humanity of who they truly are and to show yet another wonderful potential that had yet to be explored fully in a world of opposites. These humans kept much of the same characteristics of the original being called human, calling themselves they or them, sometimes displaying both masculine and feminine traits either physically or mentally or both, exploring both sides of the spectrum of constructed dichotomy, eventually in the very distant future creating a three dimensional understanding of the expression of divine human. These humans were saved for the dawning of a later age where they would be called upon to usher the human race into a new and more enlightened era, but for now the concept of dichotomy and seeing the self in the reflection of the opposite other was so new a concept, the male and female became so enamored with each other, creation halted and internal discovery began.